A self-admitted anti-athlete, life brought Kelley around to the idea of training in 2002. She initially HATED the weight room and its overwhelming number of guys who were staring at themselves, each other, and the women there. She chose to train the higher intensity, higher repetition route, and carved out a reputation for herself as a rockstar spin instructor.

But something was missing. Great as cardio conditioning felt, there was an element to her physical preparation for life that remained a gap in her game. As soon as she met the kettlebell, everything fell into place as she realized that STRENGTH wasn’t just for men only!

Today, Kelley preaches empowerment to all of her clients, women and men alike. She teaches timeless principles and pairs them with the newest breakthroughs in approaches to anatomy. With her help starting from the pelvic floor up, you will get stronger, faster, and safer!

Rebecca M.

My first session, Kelley sat me down to go through my diet in addition to lifestyle and the worst part was taking my body fat. While playing sports, I was always around 17% now in my mid 20’s I was at 24%. We looked at my schedule and found no other time to work out except in the early morning so I started on my routine of training twice a week at 6:30am. In the beginning I could barely make it to the gym for an hour session but within a month I was showing up at 6am to do cardio before my training session...

Aaron B.

Kelley’s workouts are the most productive workouts I have ever been through. She knew exactly what needed to be done to push me to my fitness limits. Kelley and I were able to work together to evaluate and change my fitness and diet. She gave me all the tools I needed to get my health and fitness back on track. She monitored my diet and was always available if I had any questions or concerns…

Ginny M.

I first met Kelley as a spin instructor and thoroughly enjoyed taking her classes. She pushed you to your max while also making the class fun and different. It was no different in having her for a personal trainer. She continued to push me while also making each session fun and different from the last. I had specifically sought her out because of her knowledge in pelvic floor training following my pregnancies. She helped me immensely…

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